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were in boston for the marathon are returning back to the bay area, and elissa harrington has been getting some firsthand accounts from travelers arriving in at sfo. she joins us with more. >> hi, as you can imagine, these travelers very shaken up. the first flight from boston arrived just after 10:00. a lot of marathon runners on that plane visibly shaken from what they encountered. >> i couldn't wait to get home and hug my kids. >> a somber homecoming for boston marathon runners arriving at sfo, wearing their hats, t-shirts and medals, including trish and her boyfriend who had finished the race but were near the finish line when the bombs went off. >> all you could do was panic. people started running one way as emt's were going the other way. one knew what was going on. >> you could see ambulance and ambulance rushing down the street and you can smell the sulfur and smoke. >> reporter: she says the whole ground shook. >> it was pretty scary. there were people dropping to the ground praying, there were people running all over trying to find ou
and public transit despite no reports of threats here. elissa harrington is at balboa park bart station in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. security is being tightened at places where people gather like sporting events and at bart stations. bay area on high alert following those bombings in boston. in oakland, the police chief ordered twice as many officers to increase their visibility, at the a's game yesterday bags were searched, tactical keeps swept the coliseum for bombs. these security procedures are normal but they asked employees to be extra observant. >> any worries about coming to an event like this? >> of course, always a worry. you know, we bring my whole family, my little kids, and we hope security is really good. what happened to boston is really sad. >> reporter: oracle arena can hold 54,000 spectators. golden gate officials are on heightened alert. bart trains are being monitored. muni was working with the san francisco police department to increase security, and up in sacramento, emergency management officials activated a statewide threat assessmen
around town say they are keeping their kids at home. elissa harrington gives us an update. >> reporter: a pink bicycle and toys sit in the front yard where 8 year old leila fowler was killed. surrounding the mailbox, stuffed animals and purple ribbons. the house secured with police tape. it's still a crime scene. four days since leila was stabbed to death. and the police still have not made an arrest. >> it's been very scary, you know. we still don't have a suspect. >> you hear the stuff on the news, the different parts of the country and when it's in your own neighborhood, it's close to home and it's an eye opener. >> dropped his son off where leila was a third grader. >> we kept him home yesterday and house has been on lock down. and yeah real nerve-racking for something like that to happen. >> 92 kids were absent yesterday out of 590 enrolled. since the murder sheriffs deputies guarding the campus and bus stops. >> makes you feel secure knowing the kids will be safe. >> melinda has two young kids. it's been difficult explaining what happened. >> we told them a bad thing happened to
quake. kpix 5's elissa harrington tells us that was not enough to break tradition. >> reporter: that's right. organizers did have to scramble to make some last-minute changes but all in all, ceremonies went off without a hitch including the painting of the historic fire hydrant in the mission district, a fitting color considering firefighters tell me it's worth its weight in gold. it's an annual tradition in san francisco a day of events to commemorate the 1906 earthquake starting at 5:12 a.m., the exact time the ground started shaking. this year, there was a bit of a shake-up. police activities shut down part of market street near lotta's fountain forcing for the first time morning ceremony to move. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: about 200 people plus cars and fire engines, even mayor lee took it up the street to union square. the fire chief says it still started on time. >> it speaks volumes about the resilience of our community and not to cancel but we were flexible and moved it up and are commemorating the city's rich history and tradition. >> reporter: part of the tradition, painting
, there are no reports of specific threat. let's go to elissa harrington. is there any extra security this morning? >> we don't know about this morning but there is extra security all over bay area cities. there are no specific threats around here, but we're not taking any chances after those bombings in boston, security has beefed up. yesterday both the a's and warriors had games, security measures were the same as any other game day though. security guards searched bags, metal detectors were used at the basketball games and oakland police swept the arena for bombs, the police chief ordered twice as many officers. >> working with the u.s. coast guard, the sheriff's bomb squad, and bart police, to conduct sweeps of the facilities right now, so all those areas are being checked, they will be continuously checked. >> reporter: the bomb specialist with the alameda county sheriff's office patrolled the games. bridge officials are on high alert and there will be meetings about the breakers next month. elissa harrington. >>> flights are now back to normal after several days yesterday. the faa issued what it ca
francisco. and kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the exploratorium with the opening day's festivities. are there big crowds? >> reporter: yeah, a lot of smiles at the new exploratorium today not only from the kids but their parents, city leaders and exploratorium staff delighted to open the doors to their one of a kind museum. >> what an amazing journey. [ applause ] >> reporter: a journey that started more than a decade ago with an idea, then a promise in 2006 to build. and now nearly $300 million of renovations later, the new exploratorium is officially open. [ bell ] >> yeah! [ applause ] >> reporter: exploratorium directors mayor lee and lieutenant governor newsom spoke outside the museum's new home along san francisco's waterfront at piers 15 and 17, expressing their gratitude to the board of directors and community. >> thank you for making this a dream, making this dream a reality for children and adults in our city and around the world. >> what world are we living? that's the question we should be asking ourselves every, single day. and in so many ways, that will
break in at her home. authorities reportedly have dna evidence. elissa harrington is in valley spring to give us an update as the man hunt continues. >> reporter: good morning. the road to leila fowler 's house is finally open. it had been closed since saturday while law enforcement swept the neighborhood going into attics, sheds. going door to door and searching the house where the 8 year old was stabbed. the small community on edge as hunt for a killer enters day 4. we did get a chance to stop by the home and here's what we found. some stuffed animals outside and purple ribbon wrapped around the mailbox. 8 year old leila fowler was killed saturday. her 12-year-old brother was at home and told law enforcement around noon he saw a stranger leaving the house and found his sister stabbed. she was pronounced dead an hour later at the hospital. the coroner's office reported yesterday leila died from shock and hemorrhaging from stab wounds. questioning sex offenders in the neighborhood. people who live in this small town of just more than 7,000 are all asking why. >> everyone's watching an
furloughed due to the federal spending cuts. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo this morning to tell us how these furloughs could impact bay area airports. good morning. >>> reporter: these furloughs could lead to some major delays at airports not just here in the bay area, but across the country. that is because there are fewer air traffic controllers on the job. the faa called for two furlough days for every two-week period to cut more than $600 million from the budget. airlines filed a lawsuit on friday asking a federal court to stop the furlough of air traffic controllers. they say that these cuts in hours will result in travel delays of up to an hour. a travel industry analyst says what's happening is political gamesmanship. >> the faa was shut down a few years ago, flights weren't affected. it seems to me like there is a request or directive out there to take steps so that passengers will be inconvenienced and that they will call their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: here's a live picture of mineta san jose international airport. i only found one 30-m
from a burning home. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us just his early-morning job might have saved it family. >> reporter: good morning. we are on bermuda drive in san mateo. with me i have a chief with the san mateo fire department. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, we received a call at about 3:40 this morning from the residence here who said that -- in the resident here who said he had gotten up and noticed that his car was on fire, heard some noises, he was getting ready for work, looked out and saw his car and front of the structure on fire. he called 911. >> reporter: how did he get his family out? >> he woke them up. went back inside and woke up the family, his wife and seven children. they were all able to get out. >> reporter: the damage looks bad. what are we talking about in terms of their home? can they still go home? >> no. they won't be able to stay in their home. we are still doing our investigation and the home sustained significant investigation. the fire was in the attic space and throughout the home. >> reporter: how did it start? >> the reports f
evidence which state officials offered to expedite. elissa harrington will have a live report. >> a san jose starbucks is back open. a customer saw a woman come into a starbucks, take two bottles of orange juice from a bag and place them on a shelf. they were later found to contain a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol. the 50-year-old woman was arrested last night and police say no one drank the spiked juice and the motive is unclear. >> if you like hot weather we're going to get more of it. >> this is going to be the hottest week of the year so far. we are talking about fog moving along the coastline. going to cool down slightly today. the winds the big story. right now 40s and 50s out the door by the afternoon. that ridge of high pressure going to back off a little bit. you see that trough just east of the bay area. so with that in mind as we get in toward the afternoon, winds going to be the big story. and wind advisory into affect. 50 to 60 miles per hour sustained to 35 over the mountain tops and into the delta. temperature wise, down below not bad. a little cooler today. 81 in s
for the 1906 earthquake event. kpix 5's kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us that even -- kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us that the event has been moved for the first time in decades. >>> reporter: for the first time the event won't happen at lotta's fountain. it will be at union square because of the police activity at market street where the ceremony was supposed to take place. right now i have police chief greg suhr. what is happening? >> reporter: so about 3:00 this morning, there was a suspect with a hooded sweatshirt, black hooded sweatshirt, that was seen by one of the security guards here at 3rd and marketplace a black bag with a solid object down at 701 market street. so obviously, the ceremony was to take place at lotta's fountain just about right now. our personnel cleared the area. you can see the command post behind me, they swept the 700 block of market street with a bomb dog. and then at first -- first attempt was to cut the bag open with our robot. we had a problem with the machine. and so now one of our guys is actually suiting up to see what's in the bag. >> re
reporter elissa harrington joins us from san francisco where part of the event moved for the first time in decades. she is by the hydrant there, very important hydrant. >> reporter: very important hydrant. it might look small but that hydrant had a big part in protecting the city during the earthquake back in 1906. every year it's sprayed gold. this whole session of the san francisco mission district might have burned down. every year it's painted gold to commemorate the quake and the crucial part it played in saving lives and buildings. on the corner of 20th and church across the street from dolores park here is some video from earlier. this is the ceremony in union square. a lot of people came out for that but it didn't go as planned. it was supposed to be held at lotta's fountain but had to be moved because of police activity on market street. they had that whole area closed down. and they had to end up moving that part of the ceremony. let me tell you about the fire hydrant. a series of fires broke out spreading through the city. these fires erupted from ruptured gas lines. water ma
this morning. and that is where we'll find kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes. i'll very excited to go inside too. behind me you can see the new exploratorium. the exterior of the building which also serves as a video projection wall. this is a big day. there's going to be a lot of celebrations ahead. the party started yesterday with this concert. [ music ] >> it was put on by grateful dead drummer mickey hart also a member of the board of directors of the exploratorium. there are 600 exhibits including an animation station where you can make a video an upload to youtube. high-powered telescopes, musical bench that turns electric current into musical notes and the new exhibit called remote rains that lets visitors recreate past rainstorms. it will ignite curiosity in people of all ages. >> our exhibits are not a push a button and it works. you have to actually think about it and figure out how it works and you can do it wrong! so that when you do it right, you'll laugh. there's something in a human that loves to figure something
if approved. elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> you have been on market street all morning. what do people on the street think about having more cameras? >> reporter: just about everybody i spoke with actually is in favor of these cameras. i spoke with a business owner along market street and he told me he would actually like to see a camera every 10 feet. he says the more the better. back to you. >> all right. elissa harrington live in san francisco, thank you. >>> and new details on a gas leak that evacuated a south bay mall. pg&e is reporting that the gas leak near valley fair mall has been capped and the mall is back open for business. these are chopper aerials right now from earlier this morning while crews worked to stop the flow of gas in a parking lot on the north side the mall. construction crews working on that site hit a high pressure gas line just after 8:00 this morning. dozens of employees were forced to leave the mall as pg&e crews worked to cap it. >> after the line was capped, hazmat crews made sure there was no residual gas inside before giving it the "all clear." >>> ch
there are no report of specific threats. let's go to elissa harrington. she is live at balboa park b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. good morning elle e -- elissa harrington. >> reporter: the biggest thing people will notice is an increased presence of police officers, at sporting events, public transportation and by tourist spots and landmarks like the golden gate bridge. bay area cities are on high alert following the bombings in boston. in oakland the police chief ordered twice as many officers. san francisco called in off duty officers as well immediately following news of the blasts. at the a's game, bags were certainlied and tactical teams -- searched and tactual teams swept the area. those security procedures however are normal at sporting effort but employees were asked to be extra observant. it can hold 64,000 spectators. with the security, some were still on edge. >> any worries about coming to an event like this tonight. >> of course. it's always a worry because, you know, we bring my whole family, my little kids, and we hope security is really good. what happened to boston is really, y
controllers are now being furloughed due to the federal spending cuts. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo to tell us how these furloughs could impact all of our bay area airports. good morning. >> reporter: good rning, frank. not the news that flyers want to hear. these furloughs uld impact delays at airports and we're talking about delays ranging from 10 minutes to an hour that is because there are fewer air traffic controllers on the job this morning. the faa called for two furlough days for every two-week period to cut more than $600 million from the budget. airlines filed a lawsuit on friday to stop the furlough of air traffic controllers saying the cuts will result in delays up to an hour at major airports and hubs throughout the country. travel industry analysts say what's happening is political gamesmanship. >> the faa was shut down a few years ago. flights weren't affected. it seems to me like there is a request or directive out there to take steps so passengers will be inconvenienced and they will call their elected officials to get them to take action. >> reporter: now
. let's go live to kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington with more on the grand opening. >> reporter: good morning. the grand opening for the public happens at 10 a.m. but the celebration starts at 9 a.m. the party got started yesterday. take a look at this. [ singing ] >> reporter: that's grateful dead drummer mickey hart also a member of the exploreatorium board of directors. the surprise concert was to thank workers for the new place. it's three times as large as the old museum, as big as three football fields with 600 exhibits and a restaurant overlooking the bay. planning for the new museum began 10 years ago but fundraising efforts started in 2007. san francisco's exploratorium opened at its original location at the palace of fine arts back in 1969 as a hands-on museum where people could explore science in a different way by actually getting involved using tools and touching the exhibits. its new home will make room for thousands more visitors. >> this is the house to questioning, for inquiries. it's there to wonder why, there to be curious, to be surprised. >> reporter: the new expl
5 reporter elissa harrington telling us what's driving this remarkable rebound. >> reporter: allen, all you have to do is drive down the highway from san francisco to san jose to see all of these construction projects happening in our area including this one, the santa clara gateway office campus. economists say the bay area is bouncing back from the recession faster than most other places creating jobs for white and blue collar workers. >> earthquake stadium here. it's going to break ground. >> reporter: the president of devcon construction in milpitas says they are busier than in years. currently working on 40 projects in the bay area, including the 49ers santa clara stadium. >> santa clara stadium, we have right now probably 1100 people on site on a daily basis. >> reporter: it's an exciting time for construction workers and companies like his seeing the largest job growth since before the recession. >> right now there's a lot of demand for ironworkers to erect steel buildings and welders to weld the steel buildings when they're in place. there's also a big demand for the interi
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)